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Dildine Office

Meet the Office Staff at Dildine Elementary

Secretaries - Kelly Schulz & Rita Woods

Nurse - Kathleen O'Donnell

Office Hours

You can call the office between 7:30 am & 4:00 pm any regular day of school.  The office is closed during school holidays, school breaks & during the summer break.  The office re-opens in August, two weeks before school starts and closes for the summer the last day of school.

Important Notes from the Office

  • The office must be notified of all absences.  You can notify them ahead of time or no later than 9:00 am on the day they are absent.
  • Different ways you can notify the office - call (307)771-2320, fax (307) 771-2521 or email Kelly Schulz at .
  • Do not send your child to school before 8:00 am, unless they have set up time to get extra help with a teacher.  Must have a note from the teacher.
  • If your student will be tardy and they want a hot lunch, you must call before 9 am to order them a hot lunch.  If you do not call you need to provide them lunch.
  • It is board policy that students must call home when they owe more than $5.00 on their lunch account.
  • If you have ANY changes on your contact information please call, e-mail or fax the new information to Dildine.

Public use of the Playground

The playground is open for public use after the last bus leaves Dildine at approximately 4:15 pm.

Dildine Pledge

Today at Dildine Elementary . . .

I will do my best, to be the best.

I will listen.

I will follow directions.

I will respect the rights of others.

I can learn.

I will learn.

By Taunya Hastings
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